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LONDON, 2021

The design is for Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


As it’s her first time in London, artist is deeply fascinated by the multi-diverse culture and trends in this city which keeps its historical heritage as well as welcomes uprising modern arts.

Artist got inspired of this city, therefore she combines characters in The Midsummer Night’s Dream with representatives of London such as industrial factories, street graffiti and lighting show.

Anchor 1

Steampunk variations to blend with the building façade, for Bottom, an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream exclusively for theatre.


The steampunk-looking costume is inspired by the structure of factories and steampunk concept rose during the British Industrial Revolution. So I decided to combine mechanical components, like the leather pleating from vintage camera and steampunk elements.


Bottom, an Athenian resident and weaver by trade, is famously known for getting his head transformed into a donkey’s head by Puck. In script, originally these characters don’t require a specific design on costume, since they only serve a pleasing theatrical purpose. Nevertheless, got intrigued by their astonishing positive attitude with the fact that they belong to the lowest class of society, the true representatives of the real world, which become the motivation of my design.


Chaplin’s Modern Times impressed me deeply, especially his overall fool silhouette. At the same time , the image of factory workers in old photos gave me style references.


The way of making the sleeves is applying origami technology to fabrics. The manufacturing procedure may looks very complicated, but I’ve discovered through drawing the same size grid on paper before fold, it become quite easy to make. The fabric I choose is DuPont paper because its flexibility as well as own a better quality than paper which can’t be teared apart.


For the donkey head, I use aluminium wire to make the shape frame then attach a layer of EVA foam, I also adapt it to use this on sculpting the ears, nose and eyes which can make them in a soft and light condition. To decorate, I stuck with some industrial wastes, mechanical and steampunk pieces on the surface. Finally, I sprayed with bronze colour and made some “worn out” details.



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